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Well, I have taken quite a plunge. From not having written much in years, I have just signed up for WIP500 – a commitment to write “500 words per day on any work(s) in progress” for each of the 366 days in 2012. That means that, if I’m able to stick to it, I will have written at least 183,000 words by the end of the year (Mayan-calendar doomsayers notwithstanding).

For now, I’m tuning up with flash fiction, which IS going to count toward the daily 500 words, once this gets started.

Stay tuned!


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Welcome to Fulmoj (pronounced “full-moy”).  I am just getting started, but will soon keep an archive of (and/or links to) my entries into various flash-fiction competitions on this site.  At some point, I may expand some of the stories or integrate them into other works.

Maybe, eventually, I’ll start my own flash-fiction competition but, for now, I’ll just be entering the ones that are already out there.

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