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Rinn Ziegler (perhaps better known to flash-fiction aficionados as “Quill Shiv”) recently began two new flash features on her blog!

The first is a flash-fiction chain with widely varying prompts (e.g. words, pictures or even music).  I say “chain,” versus “challenge,” since there are no judges deciding a winner.  Instead, each participant leaves a link to his or her own story in the comments for everyone else’s stories, thus linking all of the stories together, as with Madison Woods’ #FridayFictioneers.  This feature is called “#FlashFictionFaction,” the prompts are posted on Sundays and the stories are due the following Thursday (i.e. four days later).  The word limit is from 101 to 1000, so that gives you a lot of leeway.

Rinn’s second new feature is #HaikuBombers.  It is also a “chain” type of thing, with no judging.  Prompts are posted on Tuesdays and the haiku are due on Wednesdays.  For this feature, she has posted a warning that some of the entries may be NSFW (i.e. not safe for work) and, thus, should be viewed with caution or, better yet, read from home.

HERE is the page containing the instructions for both features.  Now get writing!


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