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#MondayMixer is a flash-fiction event hosted by Jeffrey Hollar (@Klingorengi) .  Jeffrey provides three groups of three prompts (three locations, three things and three adjectives)  and participants post 150-word stories – using at least one word from each group – on their blogs.  This week’s prompts are:

Locations:  1) cavern     2) plantation   3) grassland
Things:        1) dogcart   2) samovar     3) harmonium
Adjectives: 1) vengeful  2) gustatory   3) acerbic

Here is my story:

The way he ran the estate, it may as well have been a plantation and his household servants may as well have been slaves.  His valet was no exception and was probably the most maltreated of all.

In particular, the afternoon tea was never right.  The water was too hot or cold.  The tea didn’t taste right.  Something was ALWAYS wrong, even if the tea had been prepared perfectly.

The valet had done everything perfectly, today.  He had made sure that nobody else had interfered in any way.  Of course, the old man still cast a wary eye upon the samovar and complained.

“When was the last time that thing was cleaned?”

“Why, just this morning, sir.”

“Are you certain it was thoroughly rinsed, afterwards?”

“Absolutely, sir: I attended to it myself.”

“Well, the tea is off.”

“How so, sir?”

“It’s rather… acerbic.”

“Bitter?  That would be the cyanide, sir.”


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