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#MondayMixer is a flash-fiction event hosted by Jeffrey Hollar (@Klingorengi) .  Jeffrey provides three groups of three prompts (three locations, three things and three adjectives)  and participants post 150-word stories – using at least one word from each group – on their blogs.  This week’s prompts are:

Locations:  1) moor           2) oasis            3) mortuary
 Things:       1) bandana      2) cloche         3) overshoe
 Adjectives: 1) loquacious 2) egalitarian  3) sedulous

Here is my story:

Hunter, Chef and …

Sedulous in his pursuit of the perfect dish, the chef roasted the bones, added the mirepoix and sachet d’épices and prepared the stock.  From this, he created a sauce espagnole that he turned into a sauce chasseur.

Such a “hunter’s sauce,” he reasoned, would be ideal for his catch.  The shallots and mushrooms would complement the meat well.

He chose to roast this cut slowly, on low heat, so as to make it as tender as possible while keeping it moist and flavourful.  He also roasted the side-dish vegetables, since he couldn’t bear losing their flavours or nutrients to boiling.

Before sitting down to enjoy his private feast, he placed everything onto the table, removed the cloche from the platter and carved the roast.  Then, as the room became redolent with the heady aromas, he seated himself at the table and supped heartily upon his latest quarry from the mortuary.


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