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The prompt for this week’s #FridayFictioneers was the following photo:


Here is my 100-word story based upon the prompt:

Constructive criticism welcomed.

Mythos Insectus

A damselfly decided to take a break from her midday flight.  It was a beautiful day and she wanted to avail herself of some of the local produce, so she perched warily upon the husk of a discarded melon.

Seeing her from high above, a dragonfly began preparations for his own lunch as he started to descend towards his prey.

His plans were not realised, however.  Before the dragonfly could reach the damselfly, a St.-Georgefly intercepted and impaled him.

The rescued damselfly, having endured too much excitement for one afternoon, flew off to seek a quieter, safer place to relax.



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