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Welcome to #TitleTwisters

#TitleTwisters is a flash-fiction non-competitive exercise where the participants write new stories based upon the possible permutations of rearranging the words of a selected story, book, movie or song title.

Be sure to read the Rules and Instructions.

Our inaugural title is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  That means you could write a story based upon one of the following titles:

  • The Girl with the Tattoo Dragon
  • The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo
  • The Dragon with the Tattoo Girl
  • The Tattoo with the Dragon Girl
  • The Tattoo with the Girl Dragon
  • The Girl Dragon with the Tattoo
  • etc., etc., etc.

Let’s see how these twisted titles will inspire the twisted minds of twisted flash-fiction writers.

Remember to post entries to your blog and then post the link to your story here and in the comments you leave for other entries.  If you don’t have a blog, post the story here.

Have fun and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday for your stories!


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Welcome to #TitleTwisters

#TitleTwisters is a flash-fiction non-competitive exercise where the participants will write new stories based upon the possible permutations of rearranging the words of a selected story, book, movie or song title.  Here’s an example:

Back in 1980, science-fiction author Gene Wolfe publishedThe Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories.  The repetition was part of the book’s title, since the main story in the book was titled “The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories.”  Other stories in the book included, “The Death of Doctor Island” and “The Death Island Doctor.”

Are you getting the picture?

The #TitleTwisters challenge is for you to write your own, completely original story based upon one of the other possible ways of twisting around the words of the prompt title, just as Gene Wolfe twisted “The Island of Doctor Death” to produce those other stories.

Obviously, not all titles lend themselves to such twisting.  The title must have enough words to be able to form multiple permutations and those other permutations must make some kind of sense.  With that in mind, #TitleTwisters is going to start out as running just once a month, so we don’t run out of reasonable prompts too soon.  Participants are more than welcome to post suggested titles as comments to this announcement

Here are the “rules” and other pertinent information:

  1. 100-word minimum; no maximum.  The goal is not brevity, but maximum creativity with the use of the prompt.  That doesn’t imply “maximum volume,” but if you really ARE able to produce a whole novel and want to do so, I won’t hold you back.
  2. No additional major words in the title.  “Minor words,” such as “the,” “a,” “an,” “of,” “with,” etc. may be omitted from or added to the title as needed to make sense, but no other words should be added..
  3. Several possible permutations will be included with the prompt title, but if your story idea springs from a different rearrangement of the prompt title’s words, go for it.
  4. Since the list of permutations for any given title is not endless, don’t worry if someone else has already posted a story based upon the same title that you’d like to use.  Just go ahead and write using the title permutation you wish to use.
  5. The prompt will be issued on a Friday (just once a month, for now) and it would be great if you could post your stories by the following Wednesday, but it’s not critical.  Of course, the bulk of any traffic generated by this challenge (if it catches on) will probably be on that Wednesday, so take that into consideration.
  6. If you have your own blog (or other online location for your text), post the story there and post a link to it in the comments for the prompt.  If you don’t have a blog, go ahead and post the whole story as a comment.
  7. As you visit the blogs of other participants, remember to post the link to your story there, as well, in case somebody reads their story without having been to the prompt page, yet.
  8. This is NOT a judged, competitive challenge – just a friendly way to have some writerly fun.  You may even submit more than one entry, if you feel so inclined.

This post is just the instructions.  The prompts will be separate posts, so I’ll be closing comments for this post to make sure people comment in the right place.

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The prompt for this week’s #FlashFictionFaction contained the following instructions:


I decided to mention not only all five sense, but also to use all 15 wors, rather than just eight.  Here is what I wrote:

The rest of the ship maintained its invisibility shield as the portal became visible to admit their scout.  Outside, the rain poured down loudly as a woman who had been walking along the side of the road stopped, turned away from the road and appeared to be knocking.  After she knocked, a door covered with burning eyes materialised and opened. She walked through it, then it closed and vanished.  Now inside, the scout reported to her commanding officer.

“Xaekowy, I have returned from my reconnaissance,” she said, stroking back her silken, red hair.

“Did you find a sufficient amount of the product, Riabyti?”

“Yes, sir.  There is an abundant supply and if we conserve it properly, it should be a reliable, renewable resource for many millennia.  Here is a sample that I’ve already prepared.”  Riabyti pulled a small container from under her raincoat and handed it to Xaekowy

“Excellent!  It doesn’t look any different from anything I’ve ever seen and it smells and tastes great!  King Gjofn will be overjoyed to know that the drought and famine will no longer threaten his dynasty and that it will not be necessary for the temples to manufacture artificial food for their rituals.  Where and when shall we be able to harvest the product?”

“Our ships could easily pluck them from just about anywhere at any time, Also, with a few of them as breeding stock and a strand or two of their DNA, we could probably even integrate them into our own agriculture and start raising them, ourselves, back on G’Cilphi.

“I have studied their behaviour, though, and would suggest collecting some at night, from the various bars and public houses.  That way, they already will have begun marinating for the journey home.  In fact, on our way back, I’ll be able to make a delicious Pickled-Human Preserve that I’m sure will please the King very much.”


P.S.: This is an extension of my #SatSunTails entry.

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Rinn Ziegler (perhaps better known to flash-fiction aficionados as “Quill Shiv”) recently began two new flash features on her blog!

The first is a flash-fiction chain with widely varying prompts (e.g. words, pictures or even music).  I say “chain,” versus “challenge,” since there are no judges deciding a winner.  Instead, each participant leaves a link to his or her own story in the comments for everyone else’s stories, thus linking all of the stories together, as with Madison Woods’ #FridayFictioneers.  This feature is called “#FlashFictionFaction,” the prompts are posted on Sundays and the stories are due the following Thursday (i.e. four days later).  The word limit is from 101 to 1000, so that gives you a lot of leeway.

Rinn’s second new feature is #HaikuBombers.  It is also a “chain” type of thing, with no judging.  Prompts are posted on Tuesdays and the haiku are due on Wednesdays.  For this feature, she has posted a warning that some of the entries may be NSFW (i.e. not safe for work) and, thus, should be viewed with caution or, better yet, read from home.

HERE is the page containing the instructions for both features.  Now get writing!

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Come on over to Wakefield Mahon’s blog and write a story for #MotivationMonday!

#MotivationMonday is a weekly flash-fiction challenge where the prompt is a phrase that @WakefieldMahon selects.

Today’s theme is “In His Shoes,” and the prompt phrase is…

…well, you’ll see it when you go to his blog, so get going and get writing!  See you there!

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The prompt for this week’s #FridayFictioneers was the following photo:


Here is my 100-word story based upon the prompt:

“Sit!  Good girl!”

“Lie down!  Good girl!”

“Roll over!  Good girl!”

“Get up!  Good girl!”

“Sit!  Good girl!”

“Stay!”  (Places bone on nose.)

“Ah, ah!  NO!  STAY!”


“Okay!  Get it!”

“Good girl!”

(Repeats entire sequence a few times.)

“Okay, fetch!”  (Tosses tennis ball.  Repeats drill for several minutes.)

“What?  Do you need to go?  Well, don’t go here.  Go over by that tree.  NO!  By the tree!”

“Good girl!”

“Okay.  Do you want to eat?  Yes?  Yes?”

“Well, you’ll have to wait!  NOW do you understand what you have put me through for the last five YEARS?  Stupid HUMAN!”

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Come on over to Stevie McCoy’s glitter word blog and write a story for #TuesdayTales!

#TuesdayTales is a weekly flash-fiction challenge with two prompts: a picture that @theglitterlady
(Stevie) selects and a secret word that the week’s judge selects.

It’s always a lot of fun and this week, I’ll be the judge!  That means I can tell you that the secret word is …

… a secret until Stevie opens the doors and reveals the word and the picture.

So, come and join us for flash-fiction fun!  See you there!

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