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The prompt for this week’s #FridayFictioneers was the following photo:

Here is my 100-word story based upon the prompt:

The nano dragonfly represented millions in military research and development. Its sensors, cameras, listening devices and GPS would provide a level of reconnaissance impossible with stationary bugs and inaccessible to human spies.

Today was its first test flight outside laboratory conditions. For its first time in the field, it was literally in the field just outside the well-disguised facility that had produced it.  The nandrag was flying beautifully as the excited researchers received sights, sounds, temperature and humidity readings and other telemetry data.

Suddenly, a tongue lashed out, seizing the dragonfly and pulling it into a nearby frog.


100 words



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Since I’m going to be out most of Saturday and Sunday, I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas now.  Stay safe in all your travels and enjoy your time with family members and friends..

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Well, I have taken quite a plunge. From not having written much in years, I have just signed up for WIP500 – a commitment to write “500 words per day on any work(s) in progress” for each of the 366 days in 2012. That means that, if I’m able to stick to it, I will have written at least 183,000 words by the end of the year (Mayan-calendar doomsayers notwithstanding).

For now, I’m tuning up with flash fiction, which IS going to count toward the daily 500 words, once this gets started.

Stay tuned!

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Welcome to Fulmoj (pronounced “full-moy”).  I am just getting started, but will soon keep an archive of (and/or links to) my entries into various flash-fiction competitions on this site.  At some point, I may expand some of the stories or integrate them into other works.

Maybe, eventually, I’ll start my own flash-fiction competition but, for now, I’ll just be entering the ones that are already out there.

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